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At times Tulane University will permit community groups, organizations and individuals to utilize its facilities for non-University events. If you would like to request permission to use a Tulane University facility for a non-University event on behalf of yourself or your organization or group, please read the instructions noted below.


  • The first step in the reservation process requires completion of the Facility Use Request Form. You will need to provide the following information:
    • the name of the event;
    • the proposed date(s) and time(s) of the event;
    • the request facility or space for the event;
    • expected attendance number;
    • whether you plan to serve food at the event and if so, if a caterer will be used;
    • whether you plan to serve beverages at the event and if so, what type;
    • whether fundraising will occur;
    • whether you will have a band;
    • whether any permits will be required; and
    • whether you will have any security needs
  • Reservations should normally be made no later than 45 days from the proposed event commencement date, if possible.
  • Any event that is expected to have more than 500 attendees will require special approval.
  • Any event where alcohol is planned to be served will require special approval.
  • Any event where a caterer, other than Tulane University's official caterer, is desired to be used will require special approval.
  • Once your Facility Use Request is approved, you will need to do the following before the event is allowed to be held:
    • execute Tulane University's Facilities Rental Agreement;
    • provide a certificate of insurance evidencing the insurance requirements set forth in the Facilities Rental Agreement; and
    • pay any and all fees required for the event.
Click here to request the use of a facility
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